Is Christmas a cultural or religious holiday?

So we’re in the fall now and we can expect some dust kicking over the use of the word Christmas, the display of Christmas trees and baby Jesus displays.    This will take place in both the private and public sector.  More retailers move away from saying “Christmas” in favor of “Holiday” and a couple of retailers make some chest-thumping announcement over their continued use of “Christmas.”  On the public sector side, the battle will continue mostly in regional governments (states mostly, but perhaps even on the county and municipal level).
While there will be a few anti-Christmas zealots really looking to oust the word Christmas and anything associated with it, most of the complaining will come from chucklenuts like Bill O’Reilly exaggerating the “attack” simply because some local government official decides to separate the word Christmas from a public, tax payer-funded display.  Dingleberries like him would have you think that these public officials are entering private sector locations (or even people’s houses) and prohibiting the use of the word “Christmas.”
Whether Christmas is to be considered a “religious” word is debatable.  Countless atheists/agnostics celebrate the holiday with no belief in religion whatsoever.  Countless Christians celebrate the holiday as the birth date of Jesus Christ.   The vast majority of people couldn’t care less what the “day” is called in some other regional public office, but people like O’Reilly will sling mud and perpetuate the belief that “liberal secularism” is once again on the attack, dividing people further on a day that should be bringing us together, regardless of one’s belief.