Merry Christmas 2016 Sayings & Phrases

Merry Christmas 2016 Sayings & Phrases: People have been sending holiday greetings to family and friends for centuries. The first Christmas card was created in London in 1843. That winter, Sir Henry Cole, a civil servant who helped organize the Great Exhibition, decided he was too busy to send individual Christmas greetings to his friends, business colleagues and family. He asked the painter John Callcott Horsley, to design a card with an image and brief wish that he could mail instead. This was a shrewd move on his part, since he had helped introduce the penny post just three years earlier. The holiday card was a great success. Its use has been growing in leaps and bounds ever since. The first cards were decorated with flowers, fairies and other Victorian illustrations. By the end of the nineteenth century, cards with holiday themes were being printed by lithography companies. The Christmas card was introduced to America, and a holiday tradition was born. Holiday cards have been designed in many styles, from humorous to religious, from bold to quaint and from modern to traditional. Senders have included family photos and year-end personal news updates. They have designed cards out of children’s illustrations, recycled magazines and original art. Queen Victoria sent out the first official government card as soon as they began being printed. President Eisenhower began the practice for the United 

Sending holiday greetings has always remained a favorite family activity. In the twentieth century, people found innovative ways to display their cards, hanging them from ribbons around a doorway or pinning them on a mantle. Revising the Christmas list at the end of the season was and still is an annual project. Old cards were donated to charities for children to use for arts and crafts projects and to make their own cards. Even though millions of cards are sent every year, senders wish for their cards to be special. They want each card to say something personal about their feelings for the season. Here are twenty holiday greetings that can go at the bottom of your cards this year to make them uniquely memorable:- The old songs say it so well. May your days be merry and bright — this year and every year. Love, peace and joy came down on Christmas day to make you cheerful and happy. May Christmas spread cheer in your life! May the holiday season fill your home and heart with joy and bring you new inspiration and happiness. Jingle the bells and play the music loud, for Santa Claus is coming to town! Wishing you a bright and delightful holiday season. Wishing you all the happiness of the season and peace and prosperity in the new year. Sending you the spirit of giving, love and joy. Unwrap it on Christmas eve. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. Sending you my heartfelt wishes for a wonderful Christmas. May your holidays sparkle and shine. May this holiday season be so special and the magic of Christmas fill your heart all year long. Keep light in your heart and love in your eyes this holiday season. Best wishes for a wonderful new year.

Santa picked up your messages and says he’ll be right on it.
Wishing you the best this Christmas!

Nothing makes me more homesick than a snowy field and a lit-up tree. 
Thinking of you with love.

Christmas 2016 Wishes

Hope your gardening goes well this year. 
Just remember one of Santa’s favorite sayings: Hoe! Hoe! Hoe!

All our best dreams and hopes rise up on this blessed Holy Day. 
May yours all come true!

Love hearing from you. 
There are some shepherds congregating on the lawn. 
Back to you as soon as I investigate.

Once a year is not enough to say I love you, 
but it’s a start. 
Have a heartful holiday!

May holiday greetings ring like angel chimes all through your house this season! 
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Giving thanks for another year with you. 
Have a blessed and merry Christmas.

There are some sayings that can’t be improved. 
Merry Christmas! Happy New Year! 
I mean it!

Warm wishes for a palm tree to put tinsel on and best beaches in the new year.

Christmas Love Messages and Quotes

Those old sleigh bells are doing the trick. 
Ringing in a snowy New Year!

Sending out messages of love across the universe this year. 
Here’s one for you!

If I were Judy Garland, 
I’d croon this: Have yourself a merry little Christmas!

Merry Christmas wishes for your whole family. 
I remember you all with great fondness.
Christmas Messages for Friends and Family

Angels we have heard on high, 
singing messages of peace and joy. 
This one is especially for you.

Nothing compares to you. 
Be my holiday sweetheart!

All those old sayings only meant one thing: We are all loved. 
Loving wishes for a merry Christmas!
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